... at the intersection of private wealth and investment banking.

Incorporated in July 2018 in Geneva, Conduit Suisse provides the group full suite of products and services to its local institutional client base in the Wealth world - hedge funds, private banks, single and multi-family offices, external asset managers, wealth managers, brokers dealers - and facilitates a two-way deal flows dynamic between East and West.

Local expertise within a global group

A dedicated team of seasoned specialists operating at the heart of the Swiss Wealth and FinTech ecosystem, Conduit Suisse is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Conduit group.

Swiss financial excellence

Geneva has always been a historical center for Wealth and Asset Management and is internationally recognised as a city and country offering a first class business environment, a robust banking, a strong legal framework, ethics and compliance focus.

East-West Corridor

Capitalising on the unique global reach of the group, Conduit Suisse bridges both local investment opportunities with Asian investors, as well as Asian opportunities with local investors.

An open architecture platform for broad fund and asset allocation exposure:

In-house managers offering differentiated and unique strategies with a focus on competitive returns and value.
Curated select set of trusted external managers, relationships and knowledge cultivated over decades, without unnecessary layers of costs and fees.
Wholesale access to brand name mutual funds and investment solutions.



Our Strategies

Management Team

Benoit-Gilles Cambier

CEO Conduit Suisse

Chris O'Meara

CEO Conduit Securities

Paul R. Durrant

Managing Director Conduit Securities

Jesse Aarnio

CIO Conduit Asset Management



Route de Frontenex, 86bis
1208 Genève